SOLAR HOT WATER protect against future fuel shortages.

On average, installing a Solar Hot Water System reduces your heating bills by 50-80%. Because the sun is free, you’re protected from future fuel shortages and price hikes. Solar Hot Water systems are efficient and affordable, which means you’ll meet your return on investment in no time!

Hot water heating expenses account for more than you might think. Conventional hot water heaters in residences “fire” on constantly so hot water is available to you when you need it. Solar Hot Water Systems work to keep free solar hot water circulating in a hot water tank to prevent the need for the costly and wasteful cycle that has been around for decades. Even hot water boilers aren’t very efficient – they consume excessive fuel to heat water instantaneously. A Solar Hot Water system is the answer to cost-effective, eco-friendly water heating in your home.

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Solar Hot Water Systems also work alongside your existing hot water heater to ensure that you never run out of hot water in any weather. They’re efficient in cold climates because of the technology used in the engineered solar collectors. Installation is a breeze and we can help you make your conversion decision easy!


Solar Hot Water Can Be Profitable


If you’re building a new home or refinancing, the economics are even more attractive. Including the price of a solar water heater in a new 30-year mortgage usually amounts to between $13 and $20 per month. The federal income tax deduction for mortgage interest attributable to the solar system reduces that by about $3–$5 per month. So if your fuel savings are more than $15 per month, the solar investment is profitable immediately. On a monthly basis, you’re saving more than you’re paying.

Reasons to consider a Solar Hot Water System

  • You’re hot water heater is failing and you would like to consider a more efficient option.
  • You’re boiler uses oil to heat hot water and you’re sure that domestic hot water account for plenty of the operating costs of that unit.
  • Your slowly shifting your fuel consumption to alternatives and you’re looking for a good place to start.