Solar Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water

Solar Space Heating Systems provide hot water for the purpose of domestic hot water and space heat throughout your home or commercial building. Solar energy is absorbed on your roof and transferred to a storage tank with a heat transfer fluid, usually a food- grade glycol solution. Hot water from the Solar Space Heating storage tank is used to preheat heating appliances like hot water heaters, furnaces, and boilers. It’s for this reason you will not be left without heat or hot water in any weather condition. Your existing system is always used as a backup.


Solar Space Heating systems work to save you money and protect the environment by reducing the amount of times your appliances need to “fire up” throughout the course of the day or night. Solar Space heating systems are refined, engineered, and effective in all types of buildings, and can be configured to all types of heating appliances.

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Solar Space Heating in Cold Climates


Think Solar Space heating won’t work in cold climates? Think again. Solar Space Heating systems are most economical in cold climates, and there’s more than enough solar energy for the collectors to concentrate the heat for the heat transfer fluid!


These systems are aesthetically pleasing, and built to last.

Both of these systems collect and absorb solar radiation, then transfer the solar heat directly to the interior space or to a storage system, from which the heat is distributed. If the system cannot provide adequate space heating, an auxiliary or back-up system provides the additional heat

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Great reasons to get a Solar Space Heating System

  • You’re using costly oil and not connected to natural gas.You’re not sure if converting to natural gas is a safe investment, considering fuel prices may rise.
  • You want to help the environment and not rely on fossil fuel sources.
  • You’re existing heating appliances work great, but it’s the cost that troubles you.
  • You want a system that is cutting edge, top of the line, and is the most efficient on the market (ours used the sun for free while others are still using foreign fuel and natural gas that is can be costly and harmful).